A collaboration with Bernadette means you will work with an experienced professional and an unrivalled talent, all while having the time of your life.

“I enjoyed enormously working with Bernadette. Intimidation melted away to a warm joy, which then hardened into a determination to smarten myself up so it happens again. That someone so dextrous, passionate and engaging was also generous and fun to work with was as unexpected as it was giddily appreciated.”  Tim Rogers

“When I first saw Bernadette doing one of her corporate gigs I thought ‘I have to find a form where I can make this work in the theatre,’” Phillips says. “The format of Songs for Nobodies was the perfect launching pad to introduce Bernadette to that audience. She now has a loyal audience who will go: ‘If she’s got something more to offer, then I’m determined to see it.’”  Simon Phillips on Pennsylvania Avenue

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